New Islay Webcam at Kintra Farm

I just read on Twitter that a new webcam has been installed at Kintra Farm and it's up and running. The image on the right, taken from the webcam this afternoon, shows the view over Loch Indaal from Kintra, a beautiful location for a new Islay webcam. The new webcam is pointing towards the south-west, to the other side of Loch Indaal where you can find Bruichladdich Distillery where more webcams are installed. The Kintra webcam is not a live webcam like the ones at Bruichladdich. The images are automatically updated every minute.

It's interesting to see the developments with webcams on Islay. As far as I know Bruichladdich was first to install webcams followed by a webcam at the Wavegen Turbine at Portnahaven. Later on Laphroaig and Bowmore distillery followed and now we have the one at Kintra. Funny enough I was about to write something about yet another webcam on Islay but that will have to wait until later in the week.

The view from the Kintra Webcam one hour later.

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