Islay Today: Wind, Waves and Wedding Pictures at Saligo Bay

Most people try to find an indoor location for a wedding when the weather is terrible. I happen to know a couple who weren't bothered by huge waves, high winds, cold feet and rain. This couple got married today on Islay and guess where they went for their pictures? Saligo Bay. Mark from Islay Studios Bridgend took some very cool pictures of the Islay wedding today and gave me permission to publish them on the blog. Mark said: "When Mark Ryan and Ann got married today at Killarow House in Bowmore they wanted a different backdrop for their wedding photos. So on one of the wildest weeks weather wise this year they chose Saligo Bay for the location for the photo shoot. The swell in the bay being somewhat spectacular so was an excellent backdrop for the pictures. Ann originally from Tain in Inverness-shire was shoeless throughout the session, they make the girls from Tain pretty tough as the sea temperature wouldn't have been much more than 4 or 5 degrees and she didn't complain about that. Mark is originally from Manchester and home for them now is Glasgow." Congratulations and all the best to the happy married couple!

Foam and Seaweed flying around at Saligo Bay

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Now what about Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes? She is still on the island and happened to be at Saligo Bay today as well. She took more stunning pictures showing huge wave action and seaweeds and foam flying around as the waves brake on the cliffs. It looks like a really wild day and tomorrow will be a lot wilder! There will be a severe storm tomorrow. There are 70 to 80mph winds forecast and gusts to 120mph on hills. Brrrrrrr. Enjoy the fantastic pictures, you don't get to see these waves and a wedding at Saligo Bay often!

Who says you can't take good wedding photo's in this weather?

Dramatic Tele-shot of a huge wave, seen from the cliffs

Another dramatic tele-shot towards the "Sydney Opera House"

Another huge wave rolling in

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