Spring Walk to Lily Loch and Loch Allan

When you are holidaying with a young child you need to plan your walks a bit to make sure you don't wander off too far and end up with an exhausted kid, what you then have to carry back. In our case we plan walks of one to two hours, which happens to be our daughter's limit on most days, and mine on some days! This has resulted so far in two very nice walks, first the Kildalton to Ardmore walk and on Monday the walk to Carraig Fhada.

Yesterday we went for another two hour walk, this time at Dunlossit Estate. We started at the wee parking place on the side of the road between Port Askaig and the Caol Ila Road. A few metres back to Port Askaig is the entrance gate where it says "Footpath to the Lily Loch". As soon as you're on the track you are walking in between the Gorse which is, in this time of year, already in bloom. When you walk further down the track, half a mile or so, you end up at Lily Loch, famous for its many water lilies in the summer. The entire walk is quite sheltered which makes it perfect for windy days.

From Lily Loch you can go left and walk back to Port Askaig and get a glimpse of Dunlossit House. If you go right you can walk to Loch Allan or, via Loch Ballygrant, to the village of Ballygrant. We decided to return at Loch Allen. The walk was very pleasant and it was good to see the many signs of Spring.

Gorse in Bloom

A group of Pines


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Leaves of the Larch coming out

Lily Loch


Willow Catkins

Loch Allan

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