Islay Walk: The Radio Station above Kilchiaran Farm

One of our favourite walks on Islay is the one at Kilchiaran Farm going up to the radio station, which masts you can see high up at the crags from the beach at Kilchoman. It's a relatively short walk from the road near Kilchiaran Chapel, you can be up at there and back within an hour. However, I bet you won't be back that soon as the views up there are simply stunning.

The walk starts from the road between Kilchiaran Farm and chapel, you can see the track going up the hill. Find a suitable place to park your car, don't block any gates or entrances and don't use passing places either. Walk the track right from Kilchiaran Cottage uphill until you reach a closed gate. After the gate the track splits. Straight ahead will take you over the hills in the distance to Grannies Rock and Kilchoman beach. The track to the right goes further uphill to the radio station which is at an altitude of 139 metres. Watch the cattle when you walk on both tracks and take extra care with young calves as their mums can be protective.

As you reach the radio masts climb up the hill to your right or straight ahead and you'll be amazed by the breathtaking views you get of Machir Bay, Loch Gorm, Kilchoman, the coastguard cottages and the sleeping giant north of Saligo Bay. On a clear day, such as today, the views include the isles of Colonsay and Mull. Looking back to the east are Loch Indaal, The Oa and the Kintyre Mainland. This is a very rewarding walk with stunning views as you can see in the pictures I took today!

Kilchiaran Cottage

Fields behind the Cottage

Radio Station from the track

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Colonsay and Mull in the distance

Kilchoman Beach and the Sleeping Giant near Saligo Bay

Wide angle view

Looking south-west

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