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The Islay Visual Arts Group is a group of local artists who organise annual exhibitions to promote arts and culture from the island. As usual there will be roughly 4 painting/drawing tutorials throughout the year with the facilitators being mainly local artists. The major I.V.A.G event of the year, our annual exhibition of artwork by local artists will be held this year in the Gaelic college, Bowmore from Saturday 24th May. All artwork must be handed in to the college before Thursday 22nd of May for hanging. There will be private viewing on Friday 23rd of May and the exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday 24th May. This years exhibition will for the first time have a theme - Feis Ile. This should not daunt any artist wishing to exhibit any artwork, there are many aspects to the Islay Whisky Festival, and we hope it will be seen as a challenge to the many talented artists who reside on Islay. The picture shows the exhibition from last year.

We are also holding open art days at the Field Centre in Port Charlotte (until further notice) on the second Saturday of the month, from 11 am- 4pm (there is a small fee of ?1 per person to cover electricity) however our next session on 9th February will be held at Ardbeg by kind permission of the Distillery as a one off, it is hoped that we will get some inspiration for the theme of the exhibition! Members are encouraged to attend these sessions and exchange their thoughts and ideas with each other, and simply paint/draw what ever they feel like on the day.

We hope that new members will join us - you dont have to be the next Cezanne - just have a desire to create art, there will always be someone to help out. The membership fee is ?10 per year and payable at the time of the exhibition, for further information call Jane Taylor on 01496 810 900. We look forward to an interesting, informative and most importantly an enjoyable year.

Jane Taylor

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