Islay video of Loch Gruinart and Bunnahabhain

A somewhat unusual video tonight in a somewhat unusual blogging period. It has been somewhat silent on this blog in the last week due to a family visit abroad and due to some great Olympic sports on the telly, so apologies for the slow pace of blogging. I expect that it will pick up in the next days and weeks.

Back to the somewhat unusual video, the author writes about this video: "Home movie footage from Islay, July 2012. Locations include the RSPB reserve at Loch Gruinart and the coast north of Bunnahabhain. Non-human entities assisted with some of the sound effects." I wasn't too keen on the sound effects in the first two minutes but after that it gets better, at least it did for me. The video shows some really nice scenes of Islay so I hope you will enjoy it.

If you like a more traditional video of Islay, with stunning footage, I can recommend the preview of Gordon Yates' Islay Video on Vimeo. It's a teaser of his Islay DVD he released several years ago.

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