New Islay Videos - Beinn Bheigier - Jura Ferry

AwesomeBritain, a user on youtube, has posted a few interesting new Islay Videos in the last weeks. The first one is from a walk he made to Beinn Bheigier, the highest hill on Islay, Glas Bheinn and McArthur's Head. Interesting to see the lighthouse from the other side. Around the same time I was with Arra just below the lighthouse when we sailed the Sound of Islay in his speedboat. The sound in the video isn't great due to the strong winds but the views make up for that.

Another video he posted is a relatively short one from the Jura Ferry, Eilean Dhiura. It was quite a concidence that I found it today, since I also finished the Jura Ferry page today on the Islayinfo website.

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