Islay Video and Ardbeg News Snippets

The Laddieblog has an interesting news item for all of you out there in Europe except the people in the UK, sorry folks. The Laddie article is about the TV Channel Arte which will transmit an interesting Islay film this Saturday at 20.15. Mark Reynier has seen the movie and says: "Having attended the premier last night, I can assure lucky viewers that the highly talented director Dominique Hennequin, who spent three weeks filming on Islay last Autumn, has managed to capture the impossible: the island's atmosphere, rhythm, and feel - something that no other film has remotely managed to achieve." Erm.. and what about my Islay Videos?. Anyway, I can advice you to watch the film, and in the meanwhile you can see some clips on the Arte website

A view of the film announcement

And now we go from Islay all the way down to Antarctica for a dram of Ardbeg. Yes really.... Ever heard of the southern most whisky tasting? I picked up a story today from someone who travelled all the way to the Antarctica, did a whisky tasting with three different Ardbeg whiskies: Ardbeg Uigeadail (oogy dahl), Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 17 year-old (arry nam bayst) and Ardbeg ‘Almost There” 9 year-old and then something went wrong. On his blog he writes: "It had always been my intenton to have a whisky tasting on our March 2008 expedition to Antarctica, and use the event for maximum sponsorship leverage for our charity, Transplants in Mind. The World Record for the southernmost whisky tasting would be a sure-fire winner. Ardbeg - my chosen distillery - would be falling over themselves for the outrageous publicity we’d create; sponsorship cash would roll in, and when we got back, there would be a tour of whisky tasting and motivational speaking for Cim and me. What could possibly go wrong?" You can find that out on his blog

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