More Islay Nostalgia - TV programme 1960s

I had planned to publish some more Islay nostalgia by showing you a lovely old image of the Pibroch steamer loading casks at Caol Ila, sent to me by a friend on Islay. Instead I found something with an even higher nostalgic touch, a black and white tv programme of 24 minutes from the 1960s posted by the Ileach, and it includes a shot from the Pibroch steamer too. The image of the Pibroch steamer will be posted later this week.

The tv programme which you are about to see was produced by Scottish Television and you get see Islay life in the 1960s, several interviews including one with Bessie Williamson, the only female manager of the Laphroaig distillery, stories about depopulation, the start of tourism, a hovercraft on the beach at Port Ellen and lots of talking about transport in those days. Not much has changed! It's best if you start with the video now, it's fantastic!!

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