Islay TV is now on YouTube

I believe it was in 2010 that I started my own video sharing website, a sort of personal Youtube but for Islay and Jura Videos only. The intention was to make it easier to find Islay Videos and it was working rather well. Quite a lot of visitors found their way to the site and I received some good feedback. But time changes and so does video sharing software. The script I used recently became out-dated and I needed an expensive update or find a good alternative.

Back then, we are still in 2010, there was a limit for videos over 15 minutes on Youtube which was one of the reasons to start my own video sharing website. But lately, don't ask me when, Youtube made it easier to host long(er) videos so it turned out that Youtube was the perfect alternative for my out-dated script. I was now able to upload a few videos which are very much worth watching. The first one is a documentary titled "Voyage de Chasse Pour L'Ile de Islay" by the French filmmaker "Jack Febus", a 52 minute French spoken film with great scenic views featuring the Hastings and Donald James MacPhee, Head Gamekeeper of Dunlossit Estate.

The second video was just as interesting as the first one, a black and white documentary about Islay. This 25 minutes of "Historic Islay" was filmed by Scottish Television and shows the island in the 1960s with interviews of some of the locals and an interesting discussion about tourism on the island. Continue reading.....

So now that the limits are no longer in place on Youtube I've decided to abandon my own video sharing website and redirect the url to my Islay TV Youtube Channel. Because I have many gigabytes of video I will hopefully start uploading new videos soon as well as adding new videos from others to the following playlists:

If you like to receive updates via your RSS reader you can Sign Up Here. For now I welcome you to Islay TV where you will find a great collection of Islay Videos!

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