Islay Travel Update

Much has been written about the volcanic eruption that disrupted flights in Europe and left thousands of people stranded in many parts of the world. Time for an update and I will include other means of transportation as well, specially with the upcoming Islay Festival. Much like other tourist areas, Islay was effected as well by the closed airspace. Many tourists couldn't reach or leave their destinations, accommodations had to be cancelled, car hires didn't see their clients show up and as a result some businesses had a financial loss. For them and the tourists it's good that most flights are back on schedule but it will take some time, I've heard a week or so, before the situation is back to normal. For those flying to Islay in the next week check with your travel agent/airport to make sure your flight actually leaves. For the latest information in Scotland and the UK as a whole check out the BBC Scotland website.

The situation on the road to Islay is better although there is something worth mentioning. There are roadworks and temporary traffic lights on the A83, both ways, near the B828 close to Rest and be Thankful. I've also been told that the electronic board at the A83 mentioned closures during the night, so check before you leave. The ferry service was running on a one vessel timetable this week which was planned to last until tomorrow morning. Due to a speedy repair of MV Hebridean Isles, Calmac is now running a two vessel timetable which means everything is back to normal. Let's hope this will last, specially with the upcoming removal of a sunken barge at Kennacraig.

And when you've arrived on Islay have a drink at the Bruichladdich distillery, they are shortlisted by Lonely Planet for the award for the World’s best place to have a drink. If you agree with them you can cast your vote here. If you're not into whisky but coffee check out Debbies minimarket, (almost) next door, that is a very close runner-up if you ask me!

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