Islay to Colonsay Day Trips

One of the perks of being on Islay is the chance to visit a few neighbouring islands such as Jura, Colonsay and (indirectly) Oronsay. Where Jura is only a 5 minute ferry trip away from Port Askaig, the Isle of Colonsay requires a bit more planning. With the latter it all comes down to finding a nice day to make the trip from Port Askaig to Scalasaig, the main settlement on Colonsay. Make sure to check the weather beforehand. If the return ferry is on yellow alert you'd better stay on Islay to avoid cancellations and the chance to be stuck on Colonsay as it only sails to Islay twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. There is a daily ferry service in the summer from Oban to Colonsay.

Kiloran Bay Colonsay

The Isle of Colonsay is easily accessible on foot, by bike or by car. There is one main circular road, single track, covering most of the island with a few minor roads going to Kiloran Bay in the north and Oronsay in the south. It's an ideal island for cycling and it's highly recommended to take your bicycle to Colonsay, it's free to take it with you on the ferry and you save £35.50 on ferry fares for your car. Alternatively you can hire a bike on the island for £10 a day. Read more...

The main attractions on Colonsay are:

  • Kiloran Bay in the north-west, a must visit when you're on the island.
  • Colonsay House and Gardens includes a coffee shop
  • The Isle of Oronsay with it's beautiful Priory.
  • Scalasaig, the main settlement, with some shops, a brewery and a hotel.

Colonsay House

You can visit Colonsay, from Islay, only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These day trips are only possible in the summer according to the summer ferry schedule of 2019. Saturday gives you 5.5 hours on the island whereas on Wednesdays you'll have 5 hours. This used to be longer before changes to the ferry schedule came into effect in 2018. Before these changes you had almost 7 hours to spend on the island which made the 1 hour walk to Oronsay more within reach. Read more about the crossing to Oronsay and the island itself in this comprehensive article. If you take your car to Colonsay it is best to book the ferry in advance. Islay to Colonsay ferry costs are: Passenger £8.50 return, Child 5-15 £4.30, Car £35.50. Bicycles are free.

Saturday Ferry Schedule

  • Departs Port Askaig 12.15pm - Arrive on Colonsay 13.25pm
  • Return from Colonsay 19.35pm arrive Port Askaig 20.45

Wednesday Ferry Schedule

  • Departs Port Askaig 12.15pm - Arrive on Colonsay 13.25pm
  • Return from Colonsay 19.15pm arrive Port Askaig 20.25

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