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Islay Time on a Whisky Bottle

There is an endless variety in whisky related products for sale such as whisky soaps, whisky chocolate, whisky cheese, whisky tablet and much more. Lately a new whisky themed business started up called Islay Glass Crafts, they are based in Port Ellen. This time it's not about the whisky itself but about the bottle. Someone with a sharp mind had a brilliant idea to turn empty whisky bottles into something useful. But what to do with them? As an experiment, one bottle, with its label removed, was put into a kiln where it was heated to a very high temperature and out came a flat bottle. Then they glued the label back onto the bottle, drilled a hole through the bottle and attached a clock to it, and the Islay whisky bottle clock was born. Fantastic idea right? And the good thing is that you can use almost any whisky bottle and turn it into a clock. It will go great for on your wall, or as a gift, and it will tell you exactly when it's "Dram o'Clock" just in case you need reminding. And if you have that special empty whisky bottle and want to re-use it in some way you can ship it to Islay and have it turned into a clock. Continue reading...

Take it a step further and there are quite a few variations to the whisky bottle theme possible. At this moment the folk from Islay Glass Crafts have created beautiful lamps using whisky bottles. Some are quite stunning and can be a real eye-catcher in your living room. It will remind you of Islay all day, how great is that? Besides bottle clocks and lamps they also sell candle holders, also made from whisky bottles, and they already have a nice jewellery collection with ear hangers, necklaces and other items made from whisky bottles glass. It's a great idea and environmentally friendly too.

Islay Whisky Bottle Lamp and Jewellery

If you are on Islay during the whisky festival you will see their stall at most of the distilleries open days. For more information, prices, orders, pictures and contact info please visit their new website at www.islayglasscrafts.com.

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