Islay Sunsets Video

Since the weather is warm, hot for some and too hot for others, I thought I'd make a matching video. In the years we have visited Islay we witnessed many stunning sunsets which resulted in hundreds of images. Often I show these images to friends and family and just as often they don't believe I took them in Scotland. Isn't it raining there all the time they ask? Yes it does I always say, making sure I don't bump into them when I'm on holiday :-)

Anyway, we all know that the weather is often much better than people think and the weather man says, and at the moment that is certainly true. Temperatures today reached a comfortable 23 Degr and tomorrow it will be even warmer although the weather forecast mentions light rain, sure..... In case it does rain I can recommend the video below. It's accompanied by music from my favourite Italian singer Paolo Conte and you can dream away with the summer tunes and lovely Islay sunsets. Enjoy!

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