Islay Sunset and Roosting Geese

One of the great things about autumn/winter on Islay are the thousands of Barnacle and White Fronted Geese. The geese have their own day and night rhythm just as we humans. During the day they feed on the many grassy fields which are plenty about on Islay and at the end of the day, when their bellies are full and the sun is about to set, they head off to either Loch Gruinart or Loch Indaal to roost on the mudflats and grassy shores. If you combine the arrival of the geese, in this case at Loch Indaal, with an amazing sunset, you are in for a treat, a true nature spectacle.

And tonight I was lucky when I came back from a job in Bridgend. The clouds towards the west broke open and gave room to a very beautiful sunset and at the same time thousands of geese arrived there to find a place for the night. It was a magical and spectacular sight . The geese were all very close to each other, as the very high tide pushed them all onto the grassy shores. And in between their arrival the evening colours changed from blue to orange to yellow, it was amazing. Below a few images taken around 5pm this afternoon.

Sunset from the head of Loch Indaal

Geese arriving from the west

Stunning colours

Many more geese arriving

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