Islay Summer and Autumn Changing Places

August was a very wet month in Scotland and on Islay too. With almost 8 inches of rain August produced twice as much as usual. Some need the water real bad such as the distilleries but for others like the tourists it was a bit disappointing at times and also the barley harvest was at risk. Since a couple of days however a high pressure area settled over the UK bringing dry and sunny weather, almost like summer. The dry weather arrived in time for the harvesting of the barley which brings some people in a special mood such as Mark Reynier: "The fine spell of weather we have at last, and forecasted to last for the next few days, means that the harvest is now in full swing. Tractors and trailers loaded with barley are making their way to Octofad, to the new, impressive facility built by the Woods brothers. There is something rather special about harvest time, something rather earthy and primeval. Knowing that the trailers of barley trundling past the distillery are destined to produce Bruichladdich, that will be enjoyed around the world in years to come, is a special feeling." Continue reading.....

Mark isn't the only one to enjoy the recent spell of sunny weather. Islay Birder John Armitage wrote on his blog: The weather was glorious, the midges were tolerable and it was a real pleasure to be out. Some mist patches very early , and a very heavy dew, but, thereafter was tremendous! Ian Brooke joined the happy bloggers and described the current weather as follows: "A great day, weather wise, out here today, after a heavy dew the sun soon burnt it all away and the combines were out in the barley fields. The last of the silage was lifted today too." The moment the weather turns after so much rain and wind most people feel a lot happier and go out to enjoy the sun and take pictures too. Although the Jazz festival artists will perform inside the various venues I'm sure the visitors get a double treat. Great music and fabulous weather, what more can one want! If you like Jazz music of course!

Heather near Loch Tallant outside Bowmore on the Cruach road

Susan Campbell who lives near Kilchoman beach took a beautiful image at sunset (first image in this post) when mist covered the low lying fields. The velo Club d'Ardbeg enjoyed todays fine weather as well during their Sunday morning ride as you can see from an image Jez took this morning. Another friend from Islay captured the first autumn colours in a Rowan tree as well as the beautiful purple's of the flowering Heather. And it looks like the current spell of dry weather will last a couple more days as the high pressure system will remain more or less in the area in the week ahead. Fingers crossed!

Rowan Tree

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