Islay Storm Pods Revisited

A little over a year ago a new type of self catering accommodation appeared on Islay, the Storm Pod. This unique unit, which is built into the landscape, offers everything a visitor needs for a pleasant and affordable stay on the island albeit on a smaller scale than a self catering cottage of course. The Storm Pod is a small self catering unit which sleeps max 4, prices are from £30-£60 per night (4 people only £15 each) which makes it one of the cheapest self catering units on the island if you use it with four persons. When I visited Gus a few months ago and had a look inside the Storm Pod I was very impressed with everything. The interior looks very smart and it is nice and comfy. It's also very quiet and the sound from rain and wind is kept out almost entirely due to the fact that the Pod is built into a hill.

Due to its success there is now a new Storm Pod available, and it is named the Ardbeg Pod. This one is slightly bigger than the previous model in that it will sleep 6 persons. This Pod also has amazing views over Lagavulin Bay and is positioned at a stone throw from the beach with all the surrounding wildlife. According to Gus Newman sitting inside one of the Pods is like running a movie all the time. If you can imagine yourself holidaying inside one of the pods, within walking distance of the three Kildalton Distilleries and surrounded by all this great Islay scenery, you might want to visit

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