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Nothing is set in stone…but perhaps some things should be

A promising title for promising new items from Islay. I had the pleasure to be one of the first to see the new slates with beautiful prints by Nicola Stein. I was impressed by the idea and also impressed by the way it turned out to be, as you can see from the images. Neil Scott sent me the following press release to introduce this new craft business:

Islay... unspoilt, natural Hebridean beauty at its best. Home to one of the oldest Celtic crosses in Europe and the ancient seat of the Lord of the Isles, where the ruins lie steeped in atmosphere, touched by echoes of days gone by and where the surrounding horizons remain virtually unchanged.

This unique Island is home to eight of the world’s most prestigious malt whisky distilleries, where centuries of expertise and patience have gone into creating countless individual malts, each with their own individual flavour and character, some of which take decades to mature to perfection.

The Islay Slate Company:

Our unique Islay designs inspired by the nature and history of the island, are meticulously hand drawn and then printed onto hand cut slate. Slate is a natural rock which is formed by the action of heat and earth pressure on buried soil over millions of years. Continue reading....

...Time is of the essence

One can choose from an exclusive range of quality Slate products: coasters, placemats, clocks, wallhangings, wine racks, cheeseboards, mousemats and more ...made naturally for you

Islay Placemats and Coasters
The formation of slate allows it to be split easily into thin slabs, making it the perfect material for these stylish and durable table items. In eternally stylish black and white, our individually cut mats come in circular or rectangular form and complement any décor or colour scheme.

Each separate design, drawn exclusively for the Islay Slate Company by artist Nicola Stein has its own unique combination of tranquil curves, lines, and twists which surround four different symbols of natural and historical Islay: the wild reeds, the barnacle Geese, and Finlaggan sword and shield.

These delicate borders inspired by traditional Celtic art, beautifully compliment the touchable texture and weight of pure slate. They come in matching sets, yet what makes them all the more special is that each one in the set is subtly unique: no two mats, coasters or designs in the set are the same.

If the combination of fire and earth created slate, then what better way to accessorise your favourite Islay malt than with its natural opposite - a glass of warm glowing amber on cool, cut slate. Decorated with the unforgettable logo of your favourite distillery, our range of Islay coasters make an ideal gift or reminder of Islay’s legendary whiskies: with the earth at your fingertips, a touch of fire on your lips, and the delicate, rising aroma of peat, you'll be transported right back to the shores of Islay, to where every drop began.

Art, Nature, ...and whisky: as complex as they are simple, as stirring as they are soothing.

Wall hangings
These stunning designs by Nicola Stein: Kildalton Cross, Islay Geese, Finlaggan and Bridgend lend themselves beautifully to the dramatic natural backdrop of our rich black or smokey grey slates.

Our full range of products are on display and for sale at The Harbour Inn & Restaurant, The Square, Bowmore. More information is available by email at or visit the new website at

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