Islay Sky and Clouds

Islay SkiesI have always been a big fan of beautiful skies and changeable weather. Not just a plain blue sky but the big dark grey and white textured clouds against a deep blue sky are the ones I particularly like, and of course the stunning sunsets. That's why I like a showery type of weather where sharp heavy showers come and go with beautiful bright spells in between and an occasional rainbow. During our last trip we had these conditions on several days, which was one of the reasons I took so many pictures. The areas around Loch Indaal, and the other coastal areas, are one of the best places to observe these sometimes spectacular cloud formations and dark shower clouds, which usually come in from the (south)west over the Rhinns. The High Road is another great place to stop and observe the beautiful cloud formations and incoming showers.

To share these beautiful Islay Skyscapes, or Cloudscapes, I have created a new album in the Islay picture gallery showing some stunning shower clouds and beautifully coloured Islay skies. Click on the top-right image to access the new album, I hope you like them!

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