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News isn't always happy, specially not in this case. Today the BBC reports about the death of Marjorie Macgown who died on the 11th of April at the age of 110 at the Gortanvogie Residential Home in Bowmore, where she has been a resident for the last 5 years. Almost seven months ago Marjorie Macgown celebrated her 110th birthday on the 17th September (picture). She was given a most enjoyable tea party with a magnificent cake provided by the Co-Op. Marjorie was believed to be the oldest person in Scotland. A quote from the BBC website:

The former nurse put her long, active life down to hill-walking, fruit, porridge, oily fish, and a daily dram of malt whisky. Speaking in 2000, she said: "I think a lot of my age must be put down to the fact that I have kept my mobility and independence." She added: "And for me, whisky really is the water of life. Islay is famous for all its malts, but I must give my allegiance to Ardbeg, at the bottom of our road. Of course, I'm careful about not drinking and driving."

After qualifying as a nurse, Marjorie travelled from her home in Gloucester to Hong Kong where she met her husband, Dr John Macgown. They returned to the UK in 1935, and lived in Lincolnshire before moving to Calumkill Farm, near Port Ellen, Islay, in 1952 with their three children.

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