Islay Show Images and Tope Fishing Festival

It's a good thing that todays weather didn't happen yesterday, it would have spoilt much of the Islay Show. It's funny to hear but brian, and some others on Islay, consider the Islay Agricultural Show as the start of winter and it looks like they are right this time. Whatever the weather, today the Ileach posted many images from yesterday's Islay Show, they can be found here. I don't know if a video will come available but when it does I will update this post!

Speaking of weather.... We can only hope that today's weather will also not happen tomorrow and Sunday because these are the days that the annual Tope Fishing Festival will be held, organised by Stormcats. Last year the event was a success and with a bit of luck the weather will cooperate to give the anglers the opportunity to catch a big tope! If you want to know what it's like to catch a tope have a look at the video below where you can see Gus Newman catching a good sized tope.

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