Islay Sheep Bone Art

Brian Turner, for most of you known by the name of Islay Fisher, spent the first week of June on Islay. This year Brian has visited some very remote lochs on Islay Estate, I will write about that tomorrow. Today I want to show you Brian's way of advertising Islay. When he was up at Loch Kinnabus he created a beautiful and very unique piece of art from Sheep bones. Brian: "Our day on Kinnabus was a little difficult and I resorted to a little sheep bone art to advertise Islay for fellow fishers". I must admit that Brian did a wonderful job and I can only hope that his work of art will survive future weather conditions and will remain intact for others to see. If it does fall together we at least have an image of how it was in that first week of June in 2011.

Islay Sheep Bone Art by Brian Turner

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