Islay Seasonwatch - Islay Stormy Weather

Teresa Morris from Islay Wildscapes sent in the following report and included some beautiful and windy pictures from Islay:

"The past week has seen a return to stormy weather on Islay combining with high tides linked to the full moon at the start of the week. The weather has been enjoyed by the Pale Bellied Geese on Loch Indaal. Domestic geese and ducks near Nerabus found shelter from the storm force winds in a ditch. Atlantic waves have been battering The Oa and bringing a good swell into Loch Indaal with waves crashing over the pier at Port Charlotte. The Sound of Islay has seen high water levels running past McArthurs Head lighthouse."

Geese sheltering from the storm at Nerabus

MacArthurs Head Sound of Islay

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Pale Bellied Brent Geese Loch Indaal

Port Charlotte - Waves at the Pier

The Oa and Laggan Bay

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