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Sometimes I come across news items and/or rumours that are simply too short to fill a complete post on the blog but they are nevertheless interesting enough to write about. First of all I heard rumours that there will be a passenger ferry service this summer for the Isle of Jura from April onwards which will link the Isle of Jura with Tayvallich on the mainland. For some reason this is not mentioned in the latest Ileach but it seems to be almost certain and will make the life of the people on Jura a lot easier. It will be a similar scheme as the trial they had last year and Islay Sea Safari will provide the boat and captain for this ferry service.

The picture was supplied by Mark Unsworth from Islay Studios and shows a somewhat chaotic Port Ellen last Friday with three ships docked. The Isle of Arran was waiting to go back to Kennacraig and there was also the grain boat for the Maltings and also another vessel loading timber. Continue reading....Another very interesting development to follow is a new business on Islay House Square and it has something to do with chocolate and malt whisky. Susan Eastwood is currently setting up a chocolate shop on the second floor of her already existing glasswork shop on Islay House Square. A few days ago Susan sent me an email and her new venture sounds very promising, and delicious. Susan: "We are all set to go into production on May 1st with sales beginning on Saturday 24th May, the 1st day of the Whisky Festival. As well as upstairs at my existing shop, we will also be selling and sampling at the Craft Faires and hopefully at various Feis Ile markets. 6 different whisky chocs so far - all with a blend of Islay malts plus 18 other centres, 6 78% dark chocolate 'thins' flavoured with various essential oils, milk chocolate hearts, dark chocolate coffee beans and 3 chocolate marbled 'sensations'." Stay tuned and don't forget to visit Susan's new chocolate shop when you're on islay! There will be a featured story on Susan's new shop nearer the opening date.

For those of you who haven't joined the "Spot the Barrel Competition" yet, there is no rush. The deadline of the 31st of March has been shifted to the 12th of August. This is due to the fact that there is not enough funding available yet, so now there is even more chance to join this competition and win one of the magnificent prices.

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Sunday, 30 March 2008
Nothing chaotic about the three boats at Port Ellen pier. One was discharging fertilizer, one grain for the maltings and of course the ferry. Plenty room for them all!


Sunday, 30 March 2008
Hi Archie, I wasn't there to see for myself, Mark told me about this! He compared Port Ellen with Felixstowe ;-) Busy or not, it's a nice picture :-)