Islay Promotion in Russia

Through the Islay Info website I receive a lot of feedback and thankfully almost every email I get is positive. Most people that email me, either have visited Islay or are planning a visit in the near future. Very often they write about the warm welcome they have experienced and the friendliness of the people, something the Ileach can be proud of.

Last week I received an email from Igor, who lives in Moscow, and he told me he had visited Islay in 2006. As a result of his great time on Islay, he is going to write an article for one of Moscow's travel magazines which will hopefully result in more visitors from Russia. Please find below the email Igor sent me last week. He agreed that it was a good idea to publish it on this blog:

The Islay is always in my heart and soul. I live in Russia and so lang time wanted tae visit Islay. The real reason was - taste o' my favorite maut Laphroaig, but also i wanted tae see on the common scots sailors and distillers and also on the wild nature. I made my dream off and i visited Islay in the august o' 2006. I took part in 6 distillery tours and looked at the many places on this stoatin Island! Thenk tae all people of Islay for welcome and friendship! So, now i just wanted tae tell aboot great news for me and hope for ye too. I decided tae write an article aboot Islay and it'll be already published in month o' may in one moscow's magazine dedicated for travellers. They also'll print aboot 10 my pictures i have photographed on the Islay when I was there. That's all for now.. Slainte frae Moscow! Igor

Igor will send me a copy of the magazine and I will try to scan a few pages for publication on the blog. Igor also has a blog about his travels to the UK and Islay. If you can't read the text you can at least have a look at some of his Islay and Scotland pictures. Igor also has some beautiful pictures of places in Russia. The image in this article is from Igor's blog and was taken in the small town of Ivangorod. Thanks a lot Igor for your positive feedback!

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