Len Hayton recites his poem 'After a Ceilidh on Islay'

Perhaps it's the weather, the falling leaves, the longer nights or a combination of the three that some of us are into a poetic mood. Armin dugg up some really nice lighthouse poems this week as a follow up on the images of the Lighthouses I published earlier. I think I have found a nice follow-up on Armin's lighthouse poems story which is a lovely video on youtube, or should I say poem. As the title says, it's Len Hayton reciting a poem 'After a Ceilidh on Islay' and I can promise you, it's a really nice one! Len lives in the Lake District and is a regular visitor of Islay, for over 25 years now. According to the text on youtube Len had bought a cottage in the 1970s by the harbour near the lighthouse in Portnahaven on the Rhinns of Islay. "The Island is in the inner Hebrides and in the 1970s many of the old characters still made their own entertainment. This story is based on fact but embellished. Imagine happy folk in the front room of an old fishermans cottage under the beams and floorboards of the bedroom above with a roaring peat fire on the hearth." Heartwarming! Enjoy!

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keith faulks

Friday, 09 October 2009
Typical Islay humour, which can brighten up the darkest of days or indeed moods ...... I loved it.
Chris and I will be there on Islay this Saturday for a week, to hopefully enjoy wit like this, but there is no doubt in the fact that we will both enjoy ourselves.
Still smiling!