Islay Pictures on Google Maps

Anything you can do Google does better, that seems to be the motto nowadays! It's amazing when you consider the amount of services Google offers to its users. Besides being a search engine, they have Google Earth, Youtube, Blogger, Google Books, Email and dozens of other services. One service I like in particular is Google Maps. Why? It's fast, easy and all you need is a web browser. And with the new gadget they have built in it's even better than before.

This new gadget is not directly available when you startup google maps at It has to be activated in the [more] menu and I'm talking about pictures. Once selected you can move over the map and see pictures of the area you are watching on the map. This works in Google Maps and I read it works in Google Earth as well, but I haven't tested that. It reminded me by the way of the Geograph project.

These pictures don't get there by themselves of course. They have to be uploaded and to do that you have to create an account at, the World in Pictures according to Google. Most things Google do are a big success and judging by the amount of pictures you can find already on Panoramio this is likely to become a huge success as well. From Bowmore alone I found 50 pictures which can, for instance, be found by typing the name in a search form. From all of Islay I found around 200 pictures. You can also find pictures by scrolling over the map. I think this is another brilliant move from Google and another great way to discover Islay and all the other beautiful places in the world. If you want to quick start and look at Bowmore use this link

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