Islay Pictures

Up untill today I took thousands of Islay pictures and a little over 400 have now been uploaded to the Islay Pictures Gallery, which is an addition of more than 150 pictures compared to one week ago. There are in total 20 albums from which four are new. The new albums are: Wildlife and Nature, Port Wemyss, Kildalton and Islay Shipping. Most of the other albums saw more new images and most of these new Islay pictures are added to the Portnahaven, north-east Islay, north-west Islay, Bridgend and the Islay Whisky and Distilleries albums. The pictures are all available in a high resolution of at least 1024x768 while most of them have a resolution of 1280x859. Furthermore each album has the option of a full screen slideshow. You will find this option, and other options, in the slide menu on the left in the bar just above the text. Clicking on the image below will bring you to the Islay Pictures Gallery. Enjoy!

Islay Pictures Gallery

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