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Islay Pictures - Picture Blog from IslayBlogs come in all shapes and sizes and there is one in particular that I'd like to mention today and that's the picture blog or photoblog. A picture blog is basically the same as a "regular blog" but instead of having many text and some images, with a photoblog you have many images and some text. Or as written in Wikipedia: "A photoblog (a.k.a. photolog or phlog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog, but differentiated by the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text."

The idea to set up a photoblog started when I had a first glimpse of Mirko Herzner's photoblog where he described his journey to Islay through the pictures he took along the way as well as through the ones he took on Islay and Jura. After some testing with several different open source applications I decided to install pixelpost on my Islay Info website and slowly started photoblogging, that is until I found out that the domain was still available and that is where the new blog is now active. In the meanwhile there are now three Islay picture blogs, the one from Mirko, one from Armin and the one from myself. Continue reading......There is however a (big) difference in the three blogs and that is that I allow everyone to send in their pictures to be featured on the blog and I have disabled comments too. So far you can find pictures from four different Islay visitors; Teresa Morris, Claudio Riva, Irena Krasinska-Lobban and myself. Hopefully many others will follow soon and if you are interested to see your Islay picture(s) featured on the Islay Picture Blog you can send them to me by email through the feedback form. The minimum size of your picture has to be 2048x1536 pixels and not more than 5Mb. Thanks very much and I hope you enjoy the new Islay Photoblog.

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