Your Islay PicPlz

Every now and then I write about Social Media in relation to Islay and today I want to show you a nice "App" called PicPlz. Picplz is a photo sharing service for smartphones, much like Instagram, which is quite popular with iPhone users. Instagram however is not (yet) available for Android users such as myself. Picplz comes in two flavours, one for iPhone and one for Android. Once you have installed Picplz on your smartphone you can easily take photos and upload them in just a few clicks. It's easy to add a caption, tag your location using Foursquare and check in. And when you decide to connect to Foursquare you will see your images attached to the Foursquare venue of your choice, that's a really nice option. There is also an autopost option for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Posterous.

Uploading your pictures is also possible directly from the Picplz website so you don't really need a smartphone to upload your pictures and apply filters. The fun part however with a smartphone is that you can also tag your location and connect with Foursquare. Both the smartphone and the website version make it possible to view pictures from other users, like pictures and comment on them, and find or make friends, this is where the "social" part comes in. Continue reading....

An extra option in Picplz, which makes it rather special, is the fact that you can apply various filters to your pictures when you upload them. Maybe professional and more serious photographers don't like these features but on the other hand, it can be fun to apply filters to your pictures. What's wrong with being creative and trying to add some colours into that grey and dull picture? Or enhance an already colourful view with even more bright colours? You can turn your picture into something appealing for the eye and at the same time sharing it with millions of people on the web. But you don't have to apply a filter, you can also upload your original image to Picplz. PicPlz uploads your full quality photo and then applies any filters you use on the server. It stores both your original image as well as the new, filtered image on their server. This is different with Instagram, they don't save your original image when you apply a filter.

Now where is the connection with Islay you might wonder? I have tested Picplz for a couple of weeks and I have uploaded a number of Islay pictures to my Islay Picplz profile. I have also applied several different filters and you can see some of the pictures above. Soon after I started someone from Islay joined me, Nicola from Portnahaven, and she uploaded some very beautiful Islay pictures. I'm not aware of others from Islay who are active on Picplz but I have a feeling that it won't be long before more Ileachs and hopefully other Islay enthusiast join and share their images online. Hope to see you on PicPlz soon!

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