Islay Photoblog by Mark Unsworth

I guess it was only a matter of time before Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios would discover photo blogging and got involved in it himself. Mark's photoblog came online today and is hosted at which is a photoblog community where thousands of photographers show their images. You can visit Mark's photoblog at To get your (hopefully daily) shot of Islay views as fast as possible you can also subscribe to his newsfeed. I'm sure many people will look forward to seeing a lot of Mark's Islay pictures published here :-)

I have some more Islay picture news to share with you. First of all Mark sent me a beautiful image this afternoon of Loch Indaal where you can see snow and ice in the loch as well as snow on Islay's mountains. The "big picture" will be posted on Mark's photoblog too!

Snow and ice in Loch Indaal by Mark

I received the second image from brian palmer which shows the latest sign on Islay. I don't think this needs further explanation. Thanks brian :-)

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