Islay Photo Prints and Digital Files

Many years ago, when I took my first photo of Islay, I could never have imagined that I would end up with well over 60.000 Islay Photos in less than 15 years time. That's an average of more than 4.000 photos a year. In that time a lot has changed, camera wise I mean. The first photo I took was 2048 x 1536 pixels and had a size of 600KB. The last photo I took had a resolution of 5760 x 3840 and a size of 30MB, roughly 50 times more than the first photo. I won't bore you with more technical details but the good thing about my improved camera equipment is that I can now take higher quality photos and do more with the end result.

Since many years I post my Islay Photos on the Islay Info Website and Islay Blog and more recently a lot of them appear on Twitter and Facebook where we have almost 35.000 followers combined. For some reason many folk seem to like my photos and it motivates me to invest more in equipment and go out as often as possible to show you our beautiful island.

Quite a few of you have asked me if I offer prints and I'm also often asked by publishing companies and other businesses and websites owners if they can "use" my photos. Often I had to give them a no as an answer as I never had the means to sell them online and to easily retrieve them. Until a year ago I had to go through a library with 60K photo's every time someone needed a certain photo, you can imagine this is rather time consuming and not very practical. Continue reading...

Island Light Photography

About a year ago I started to organise the photos in a more professional way followed a few months ago with an online photo selling business under the name "Island Light Photography". The name was chosen because I also want to sell photo's of our surrounding islands and the west coast of Scotland, but the focus was and will remain on Islay.

Islay Photos -

From last month onwards I'm gradually promoting our new venture. On the new Islay Photos website we have collected our best photos in various different galleries such as Bays and Beaches, Landscapes, Places and Buildings, Sunrises and Sunsets and Whisky and Distilleries. There are currently almost 400 photos available and more will be added on an almost daily basis.

Islay Prints, Canvasses, Mounted and Framed Prints and Acrylic Prints

All the photos in the above mentioned galleries can be ordered online as Poster Prints, Canvases, Acrylic Photo Prints and Mounted Poster Prints in various sizes. If you order a print we will take care of the printing process as we have teamed up with one of the best online printing services in the UK. And the good news is that we ship our prints, canvasses and mounted poster prints worldwide.

Digital Files for Self Print

Printed Media isn't everything we do. Some folk just like to have a digital file and create their own print with their own preferred printing service in their own country or on their own printer. It does save shipping costs! For them we offer the "Digital File for Self Print" which is a one off fee of £39. After payment in the shop you'll receive a link where you can directly download the original file, without the watermark of course.

Islay Stock Photos

We also offer Islay Stock Photos. Stock photos are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people that are bought and sold either on a royalty-free license or rights managed license, and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes. In recent years we have had many requests for Islay Stock Photos and on our new website we offer that option too. Publishers can purchase two different sizes to download, a web version of 800 x 533 px, a Magazine Version of 2048 x 1365 px, the "Digital File for Self Print" and the Royalty Free download for those who want to use the file in different and almost unlimited ways. When ordered the client receives an email containing instructions to download the photo directly from the site. So no more searching and a fast service.

Payment Options

For now we offer Paypal and Mail in as payment services. The first one also allows payment with Credit and Debit Cards in most cases if you checkout as Guest. The latter is for folk who want to make a bank transfer or to send a cheque. Next week we will also add a new payment gateway which is for credit and debit card payments only. Your connection to our entire site is secure so your details are protected.

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