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Islay Photo Blog Updates

Perhaps you have already seen our new Islay Photo Blog, which is now part of the Islay Gallery website. If not I'd like to give you the latest updates here as I have posted many pictures in the last weeks. The new Photo Blog allows me to make rotating galleries which is a great way to show you the results of a day out on the island. And with the motto "The more the merrier" I try to post as much pictures as possible. Below are the intro's to the last four posts with rotating galleries. I hope you enjoy them.

Kilchoman Beach and dunes with very special light (click image to open gallery)

Carraig Fhada Lighthouse on a beautiful morning (click image to open gallery)

Easter Sunday at Kilchoman Beach (click image to open gallery)

Ardnave and Ardnave Point on a glorious day (click image to open gallery)

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