Islay Photo Blog Update

In December 2008 I started the "Islay Pictures Photo Blog" and now, four years and over 300 pictures later the blog is still active but.... The software on which the blog runs, Pixelpost, released its last update in 2009 and since then it's quiet, there will be no more updates or support. This means that the software will stop working in the (near) future, although it is hard to predict when exactly.

To anticipate on this I have already started a follow up, the "Islay Photo Blog" and I've built it on the most popular photo blogging software available at the moment, which is Tumblr. Posterous, the only good alternative, will stop working at the end of next month. If you remember correctly I already had a Tumblr Blog in use, which is This blog is in use during my holidays on Islay because I can easily post images, text and videos there from my iPhone.

So here we are with a new Islay Photo Blog, built on Tumblr, and available via the url On this blog I will try to post, on a regular basis, the best Islay Pictures I have taken so far so I hope you will like

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