Islay Outdoors Guiding Service

One thing is certain when you're holidaying on Islay, there's never a lack of activities on the island, regardless the season or weather. I must admit though that certain types of activities could do with some more attention. After Jeremy Hastings of Islay Birding left the island a couple of years ago, and with the knowledge that Becky Williamson who ran Islay Welly Walks will do too, there is a gap for a qualified outdoor guiding service. With so many folk visiting Islay there is definitely a need for someone who knows the ins and outs of the island. Someone who takes you out to the remoter parts of Islay on a walking or wildlife trip if you're unsure where to go, or someone who goes out fishing with you and explains where to do so best and what gear to use, or someone who takes you out stalking if you wish. Or perhaps when you're a photographer looking for the lesser known places on the island, a qualified guide might come in handy.

It just so happens that there is someone on the island who knows (almost) everyone and every place. That person is Donald James MacPhee, locally known as "DJ". Donald spent forty years as a Gamekeeper on Dunlossit Estate, the last twenty of those as its Head Keeper. Donald and his wife Isabel recently took over Kentraw Farmhouse after Donald's retirement, and he recently started a new venture called Islay Outdoors. Through Islay Outdoors he is now putting the knowledge he built up over the years as keeper to work on behalf of his clients to give them an unforgettable outdoor experience. DJ offers a range of outdoor activities, all of which can be found on his beautiful new website

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