Islay on Google Streetview

In february I wrote about Bing showing very detailed Islay satellite images and today I read that Islay is now also represented on Google Streetview. I'm not too familiar with streetview (yet) and I accessed it through Google Earth but you can access it through Google Maps too. When you access Streetview through Google Earth you have to look for the larger camera icons and select the Streetview link which is placed under the image. Through Google Maps enter a placename and select Streetview. To access through Google Maps go to and type for instance Bowmore. Click the link Bowmore that appears on the left of the screen and when the pop-up appears click on the Streetview link below the image. Anyway, to make a long story short, I found a couple of really interesting 360 views from Islay taken from the main road. I'll leave further discoveries to you. Below are a few examples of Streetview at Nerabus and Bruichladdich and I think the images look really great!

Nerabus on Google Streetview

Debbies Minimarket on Google Streetview - you can smell the coffee :-)

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