Islay Old and New

Someone pointed out a Belgian website to me with pictures of Islay showing views from the old days and below them the same view from present times. It reminded me of the book from Mark Unsworth, called Islay Past and Present. The website itself originates from Belgium and is owned by the 100°proof Whisky Club which started in 2004 with ten members. In the winter of 2006 the whisky club did an Islay Tour and visited several distilleries on the island. Since the website is in Dutch I wont quote some lines here but I can tell they were very impressed by Emma from Laphroaig :-)

Back to the pictures now. In 2007 some members of the whisky club decided to go back to Islay and inspired by a Belgian TV show, they decided to show Islay's past and present in pictures. The Images they took can be found in the section "randgebeuren". There are three sections in which you can find the old and new Islay images back to back: The West, Central and The South. Altogether an interesting collection of old and new photographs which are very much worth having a look at and an interesting travel report, providing you can read Dutch!

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