Offshore Wind Farm near Islay

I just read an interesting report on ForArgyll about the possiblity for three off-shore wind farms in the south-west of Scotland. One of the proposed sites could be located off the south-west coast of Islay where a windfarm could be built of 94.58 km2 that would provide 680 MW. A quote from the ForArgyll article:

The Crown Estate- which historically owns the sea-bed to the 12 mile limit, including that around Scotland - announced today that it is offering exclusivity agreements for developments in ten areas within Scottish territorial waters. Three of these sites are off the coast of Argyll. This creates the potential for major economic development in the area. The sites in question are off the west coast of Kintyre close to Machrihanish, to the southwest of Islay and to the southwest of Tiree. Mr Mather says: ‘This is a hugely significant announcement and underscores the potential that the Scottish Government has identified for offshore wind as part of the development of renewables for Scotland. Continue reading.....

A quote from the Crown Estate Press Release:

The Crown Estate believes that this project is a positive start in addressing the issue of climate change. There is a government priority on this, and we are working hard to help achieve these targets while recognising these need to be balanced with nature conservation which will be fully considered in the environmental impact assessment. There has been, and will continue to be, a comprehensive dialogue with key stakeholders throughout the whole process in order to ensure that any concerns can be taken into account at an early stage.

Jason Ormiston, Chief Executive of green energy trade body, Scottish Renewables said: “Today heralds an exciting phase in the progress of the renewable energy industry in Scotland. The combined capacity of these projects will make a massive contribution to Scotland’s efforts in tackling climate change, helping to deliver reliable and affordable supplies of electricity to consumers and, very importantly, the Scottish economy. Now the industry, Government, The Crown Estate, Ofgem and the wide range of interests which use the sea must work together to deliver this exciting potential.”

On a personal note I think the offshore wind farms are fantastic news for the whole area. It will bring a huge source of renewable energy, which is good news for everyone, and hopefully a lot of employment in a time where it's necessary. It's funny but exactly two years ago I wrote about wind energy and possible wind turbines near Port Ellen. Later on an interesting discussion started with Ken MacLean from the IET where we mentioned the possiblity of offshore wind farms. Perhaps this is not so good news for the many birds in the area but if I'm well informed it wouldn't be too dangerous for them, since they usually fly closer to the shore. I will ask Jeremy Hastings about his opinion in relation to the wildlife and publish it here.

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