Amazing Islay Night Sky at Bunnahabhain

Most people make sensible decisions and go to bed at night, James Deane didn't and made a trip over the island instead. James: "I set myself a bit of a challenge with the Geminid meteors; and although I got to see them, getting them on camera was just too difficult. Rather than going for a typical 'sky image', I wanted something that would be recognisable as an Islay experience. Of course, I needed an easterly focus, and somewhere with minimal ambient lighting." That is why he ended up at Bunnahabhain and you can see the stunning result of his nighttime adventure below, a fabulous image of Bunnahabhain Bay, the Sound of Islay and the breathtaking night sky on Islay with the Paps of Jura as an extra bonus. Sometimes life can be just great! Thanks James.

The night sky on Islay at Bunnahabhain Bay - Click on the image for the large version.

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