Islay in the New Zealand Herald

Jim Eagles, a travel writer from a newspaper in New Zealand, visited the island and wrote a lengthy travel report on Monday the 2nd of June, yes they are a few hours ahead of us. According to the article Jim visited a lot of places on Islay and in his first sentence he starts that when you leave the window open at night you might wake up drunk the next morning. I don't know if the "Angels Share" is that much but I can imagine what he felt when he wrote that. It comes as no surprise that the primary reason for his visit is a pilgrimage to the source of the uisge beatha, the water of life. A quote from Jim's article:

To actually be here, to see where the whisky I enjoy on cold winter nights is created, is a rare experience, one which makes the drams even more enjoyable on the return home, conjuring up glorious images of our visit with every sip. You don't need to be a whisky enthusiast to enjoy a tour of the distillery, with its intriguing mix of rich smells and tastes, traditional techniques and computerised controls, gleaming copper stills and dark stone cellars, proud history and ultra-modern tasting room, but I felt like a kid let loose in a sweet shop.

I will leave the rest of the reading, and picture viewing, to you. The article is well written and interesting to read. Perhaps this will draw some more people from "down under" to that magical place called Islay!

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