Islay Nature & Wildlife Report 27

Welcome to this weeks Islay Nature and Wildlife report with a contribution from Jeremy Hastings and the highlights from the other wildlife and birding blogs on Islay.

The Islay Birds blog: In Ian's post of Tuesday Ian had some news of the owls which can be seen on Owl tv: "The young that can be seen on the Islay Natural History's Trust web cam appear to be getting along just fine. Although 6 eggs were laid, only 3 actually hatched and were recently rung at the end of June by Malcolm." Malcolm Ogilvie writes on the Owl tv website that the first of the young owls is likely to leave the nest anytime soon and the others will need some more time.

If you want to stay up to date on Jeremy's whereabouts you can check his personal Birding Blog which is updated almost on a daily basis, except when he is out and about in the wild. Continue reading.....This weeks Islay nature report by Jeremy Hastings from Islay Birding: Another week another story of nature and the wilderness. This time wild camping with children from the mainland on a conservation camp in the far north west at Gortantoid. The purpose was to give them experience of being away from all human interruptions, including fresh water, sanitation as they knew it and to exist with nature. The task was to remove young Rhododendrons preventing the expansion over the hill.

We were accompanied by Snipe, Linnet and Swallows too. In the distance wild goats fed and Red Dear looked down too from their hillside grazing areas. A male Hen Harrier was a common occurrence. The children had time to play too: swing in wild waterfalls and exploring the sea shore too.. Elsewhere, Crossbills have been spotted on the south east of Islay and Barn Owl above Port Charlotte has been busy hawking – this is the one that has been followed by the Owl TV at the local Wildlife Trust (INHT) centre.

Arctic Terns are busy feeding young and there have been up to 6 Chough along the strand at the Foreland Road end. The House Sparrows are still feeding their young at Debbie’s Café in the abandoned House Martin nests where as at he the Islay Birding Old Byre they seem to be well fledged and wonder if they will go for a second brood. The wetness has given us plenty of greenery and the Bog Asphodel and Purple Loosestrife abound. The Sedum is also in flower (picture 1).

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