Islay Nature Report 15 March - First Lambs

Jeremy Hastings: It is that time again, the circle is almost full with the arrival of spring, the long winters have drifted back to a mostly distant memory. geese are spread out and seem to be more mobile, thinking of heading off. Divers are starting to take on their summer plumages and this week I noticed, and was able to share with clients, (which was even better) a Red Throated Diver in full summer plumage. Wonderful. When one sees such a sight one cannot help but marvel at the box of unlimitless suprises that nature can gift us.

Spring is nearly upon us and already the lighter mornings and longer evenings bring people out of houses and preparing gardens, talking of nature and generally observing with eyes afresh. The light is always good at this time of year, clear and true. Showers pass and wind rattles doors and windows to remind us that winter can recall it's favour to spring.

This week I saw the first two lambs, banks of daffodils, Fieldfare and Redwing arriving and Long Tailed Ducks (Old Squaw) yet to leave. behind the house in sheltered corners Lesser celandine - Ranunculus ficaria - is clearly seen and Willows are in bud. Continue reading......With the recent full moon barnacle geese have been flying and feeding at night and sometimes one can hear them over the house and quietly feeding in the fields at the back of Port Charlotte, as well as lots of other places. We must enjoy them to the last for soon they will be away, far away to iceland then Greenland to breed before their cycle begins once again.

Today, Lapwings and Curlews displayed and guarded territories, a hen Merlin sat in the lea of an old stone gate post and Gannets drifted past Saligo. The light was just perfect.

Spring, full of new hope and growth, is really nearly upon us. It is welcome and like the new born lambs we are happy!

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