Islay Nature Report 11 - Happy Easter

This weeks Islay nature report by Jeremy Hastings from Islay Birding: Sunday and a cold windy day brought a wee bit of rain later and Barnacles spreading even further afield looking for green patches that they missed earlier. With the days drawing out the grass gets more light, and therefore more growing time. The week progressed with bright morning and clear skies being blown form the north. On our return from running the Wildwood Wisdom Young Adventurers programme in Bowmore on Monday I took an image of the Barnies and other birds roosting. What colours!

Barnacle Geese roosting at Loch Indaal

The air is fresh and folks much cheerier with thoughts of spring! Neighbours brought round their first Guinea Fowl eggs - delicious. A White-tailed Sea Eagle was seen over Gruinart and Lesser Black Backed Gulls beyond Port Charlotte. I did a roost count of Rooks in Port Charlotte and got 74. They are busy taking nesting materials to rebuild their nests from last year. Really fascinating to watch and as we put up nesting boxes with the Young Adventurers on Wednesday we all enjoyed watching their dusk time antics.

As snow hit mainland Britain and people prepared for a big freeze here we had sunshine! It was undoubtedly cold but our Islay tweed kept us cosy and warm. The Northerlies were very strong although Thursday brought copious amounts of rain in the morning. Friday arrived bright and cold with the Paps white on top. Lapwings were on territories, Peregrines out hunting an best of all we had a young Goshawk flying right in front of the Landrover as well as 30 plus Whoopers on the flats at Gruinart. On Saturday, still working on the design of the Wilderness Jacket and on our way to Tormisdale we had a Golden Eagle circling high above the croft. – Fantastic.

Funny how a week pans out…Spring was here and now, with the cold, it seems to have forgotten itself. Hope for everything – expect nothing – You’ll never be disappointed!

Happy Easter, joyful nature watching!

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