Islay Nature Report 1 February - What a Day

Jeremy Hastings: Every day is a good birding day no matter what the weather. That being said, sometimes, if one is extremely lucky on has an excellent day. Today was one of them!

It has been a week of variables. Cold, wet, dry and windy and even sunny. When the light bursts through here on Islay it is like an orchestral happening - maybe there is no sound but the explosion of light is immense and joyous and there is a sound within ones that is magnificent. We are lucky to live here. I am supposed to write about the weeks happenings however this will not be the case for this instance. because today was an immense one. Continue reading.....

The air was crisp and clear. Geese fed in green fields and every so often one would see the Whitefronted geese pop their heads up through the heavy rushy wetland plants. we were in the north west Rhinns, on the very edge of Europe. We were looking and waiting for the Golden eagle. I knew in my heart and had a good feeling that today was going to be good for showing them to my clients. We did not have to wait long. The Kelly Kettle started to boil. Coffee was made and flapjack was handed around. We chatted and laughed, we were happy, the light was good, we had already seen Hen Harriers, Lesser Canada Geese and several deer too. The wind started to rise, gently, but enough to take an Eagle right in front of us. It was using the wind to cut across the hillside, fast even furious in it's purpose. It's golden head turning each way looking for food. We watched in awe. Then there were two. We watched and the clock ticked on. Three hours passed but it seemed like minutes. It was extraordinary. And then there were gone, over the ridge and elsewhere. We headed off too. Merlin, Golden Plover and a couple of possible Ruff they were in amongst the Plover and flying fast. The sun was falling quickly too and we ended our day with a Peregrine and at Bridgend watching the Barnacles arrive for the night.

Yes, everyday is a good birding day but today was excellent!

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