Islay Nature Photo Competition

I think this is a nice follow up on yesterday's post about the new Islay Nature Blog of the Islay Natural History Trust. I already mentioned the many beautiful pictures and interesting information and the fact that both visitors and locals can send in their nature notes or pictures. In the Ileach newspaper of last Saturday I read that the INHT are running a wildlife photography competition.

Sea Pinks in Port Wemyss - One of my contributions

The competition is open to everybody, and the first prize will be a bottle of Bruichladdich whisky. There will be other prizes for runner-up and commended entries. The only rules are that the image must be of some aspect of the natural world, and must have been taken on Islay. It does not evenmatter when you took it - so if you took a fantastic shot of red deer on the hill or a beautiful butterfly while on holiday here a couple of years ago - then now is the time to send it in to us. Digital or printed images will both be accepted, either via e-mail to, or in person at the Natural History Centre in Port Charlotte.

Gorse - Another one of my contributions

If you're on Islay this week and are interested to see the island from above I can recommend a presentation by Malcolm Ogilvie at the Natural History Trust in Port Charlotte called 'Islay - A Bird's Eye View'. This will be a collection of fascinating photographs of Islay taken from the windows of aircraft - from the service plane on trips to and from Glasgow , and also from a light aircraft undergoing environmental survey work. Malcolm will also be adding some of his own shots of wildlife as appropriate. The presentation is on Thursday 22nd July and starts at 7.30. There is an entrace fee of £2.50 which includes refreshments. It is free to INHT members.

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