Museum of Islay Life on TV

The BBC Alba television series Ulaidhean (Treasures) scours Scotland’s museums in search of fascinating artefacts and the stories behind them - and the episode to be aired on Tues 11 November at 8.30pm features the Museum of Islay Life. The episode will be repeated on the following Sunday night at 11.30pm. The 13-part production taps into the public fascination with history – especially the history on people’s own doorsteps. In each programme, the two presenters Derek MacKay and Kirsty MacDonald descend on a museum to seek out its treasures. Sometimes they find evidence of great events that shaped Scotland; other times they find objects that shed light on obscure but fascinating local history. Their discoveries will range from artefacts made in the stone-age, to objects manufactured within living memory. The treasures may be as small as a pin – or as large as a fishing boat!

The programme featuring the Museum of Islay Life will show the collection of masterpieces of Celtic carving, the Tuscania bell salvaged from one of more than 250 ships wrecked off Islay’s coast since the 18th century and the museum’s illicit whisky still. Other museums explored in the thirteen part series, made by Les Wilson and Faye MacLean of Caledonia TV, include Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland, Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and Kilmartin House Museum. Ulaidhean is a Caledonia TV production, funded by the Gaelic Media Service, for the Gaelic Digital Service.

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This story was published with kind permission of the Ileach local newspaper.

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George Rhind

Wednesday, 12 November 2008
The programme shown on BBC Alba last night (11th November) was not about the Museum of Islay Life but, instead, featured an extremely dull visit to a Military Museum at Fort George. Does anyone out there know when the Islay Museum will be featured on BBC Alba?


Wednesday, 12 November 2008
At a push I'd just try again next week at the same time. The BBC Alba website currently lists the Scottish Fisheries Museum for that episode, so may be that's going to be moved/pushed out like the Islay one was this week? That whole website and the episodes look in a bit of a mess unfortunately (the iPlayer still claims this weeks episode is about the Museum of Islay Life even though it clearly isn't).