Marine Wildlife and Geology of Islay

Another new page is born on the Islay Info website and it's a very special one. When I asked Susan Campbell if she was willing to help me out on a wee section about Islay and the Sea I couldn't foresee that we would end up with two large pages and there were even some sections we had to skip. There is so much to write about Islay that we could perhaps have filled a 100 page website about Islay's seas alone, but that's not the aim of this website. The first page that Susan finished was the Islay and the Sea webpage where you can find information about the sea's essential influence on Islay's history and geography.

Besides history, sea fishing and geography there is more to write and show about the rich waters that surround the island. Those that dived the waters of Islay know that, besides the many shipwrecks, the sea is very rich in wildlife and plants. According to the Scottish Government, the seas around Scotland support approximately 6,500 species of plants and animals. That's why we decided to make a second page dedicated to the geology and underwater wildlife. Again this is not an extensive overview but an introduction to how Islay was shaped over thousands of years and you get to see some beautiful images from beneath the blue waves.

The beautiful underwater images on the new page and in this blog post are taken by Susan's son Colin of CDCampbell Marine Contracts based on the Isle of Jura.

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