Islay's Margaret Rozga and Ailsa Hayes on STV

Two great new Islay videos were added recently on the STV website. The first one, part of a series called the hour, is titled "Fresh bread and a good attitude at Islay guesthouse" and features Margaret Rozga who runs the five star Kilmeny Country House in Ballygrant. A quote from the intro: "The Hour continues its search for outstanding landladies and today visits the whisky island of Islay and Margaret Rozga’s Kilmeny Hotel. Margaret runs the five-star guesthouse with her husband and feels a strong sense of responsibility to her customers. She is determined to exceed the expectations of guests beginning with her own performance as host. 'Guests will forgive me for anything, they will forgive lumpy porridge, they will forgive cold water, they will forgive me for anything except a bad attitude,' she maintained." The video can be watched by following this link

The second video features Islay's soap star Ailsa Hayes in a video titled "The world’s only whisky soap". Ailsa is portrayed in this video making her unique Islay Whisky Soap. A quote from the website: "Islay woman Ailsa Hayes has embraced the local ingredients of the island, namely the eight distilleries, to create the world’s only whisky soap. Ailsa, a former chemist, returned to the island from London as she planned to raise a family. The mother of two was looking for something to keep her busy and chose to use her previous experience to make soap from her own kitchen. Ailsa started her own company, Spirited Soap, and made her products transparent in order to be more distinctive from other Hebridean soap manufacturers. 'Transparent soaps require alcohol and what better source to use than what’s on your doorstep,' she said." I'm sure you will enjoy the video by following this link

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Spirit of Islay

Thursday, 11 June 2009
Cheers for that Ron ! Keep an eye out for Christine appearing on this show talking about her favourite places on Islay .

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Thursday, 11 June 2009
Will do Gordon, I will post it when it comes online. I cannot watch the full show myself, it is blocked outside the UK but they are uploading fragments which are available for everyone. Cheers! Ron

I'd rather be on Islay :-)