Islay Malt Whisky Guitar

While Armin is having his fun with Islaylolz, I had some good fun with the following article. What to think of a Malt Whisky Guitar? No really, I'm not kidding here. There is a guy in Italy who made a real guitar from a used Lagavulin Cask and the result is stunning as you can see in the picture (right). How the guitar sounds is not known to me but the idea is very original. A quote from the Manne Guitars Website:

Guitar-making and Whisky-making apparently are far apart worlds. But not in the Manne shop!! We, just like they do at the distillery, started from very few and simple natural raw materials, and to get the desired result, we simply had to master the procedures and components, time and knowledge, controls and experiments. Now time plays for both an important role, aging the whisky under the effect of its cask, while the instrument develops it's tone also ultimately controlled by its player. And what is the result? Wonderful sensations. A tool for creating music should inspire and let the musician go deep into the essence of it to receive and offer to others all of its pleasure. Tasting a superb whisky is a creative experience that incorporated the world of flavours and tastes, and these lead us to memories and sensations. Both music and sensory experiences are something that transcends words and explanations... they are both universal languages. They can be very complex but at the same time essentially very simple: Just feel it!!!

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