Islay's Mackenzie Island for sale

If you are interested in having an entire island for yourself, close to Portnahaven on Islay, and have no plans on living there you might be interested in the following article, which appeared in the Press and Journal:

It could be the ultimate status symbol for wealthy investors who have avoided the hardships of the credit crunch. Mackenzie Island, or Eilean Mhic Coinnich in Gaelic, is a small and uninhabited land near the famous west coast whisky isle of Islay, and it is on the market for offers over £100,000. But its new owners are unlikely to be able to do much with the wildlife-rich island. Not only does it lack mains services, the 42.7-acre island is a site of special scientific interest and a special protection area. Its current owner, Gilbert MacNab, of Stirling, grazes cattle on the 42.7-acre island, accessed from a sandy bay. His successor may simply enjoy using their new acquisition to watch its breeding population of greylag geese and Arctic terns.

The picture shows Mackenzie island on a beautiful evening in May, during one of the many sunsets we have enjoyed in the Portnahaven & Port Wemyss area.

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